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5 Times Distilled

Aussie Wheat Grain

Natural wheat grain from country NSW.

Pure Aussie Water




Water from ancient catchments on the east coast of Australia.

Distilled using traditional methods from our NSW wheat grain.

 Iconically Australian


Drinking Bondi Blue Vodka will express what we believe to be the Australian way of life, that way of life being that we love to have fun, we love to create amazing memories and we love to share it with our mates.

We Australian's are proud of the Vodka we have created, its incredibly smooth leaving you wanting more, Bondi Blue is Australia captured in a bottle made from pristine waters as pure as life itself.

We all love to create amazing memories and share them with our family and friends, we live in an amazing place and have produced a luxurious premium Australian made Vodka, a Vodka that we want to share with the world one sip at a time.

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