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Why is Bondi Blue Vodka special?

Bondi Blue Vodka was created out of the desire to offer a premium yet affordable Australian Vodka.

Since our conception in 2015, we have continued to improve our quality and offer an Australian Vodka that we as Aussies can be proud of.

Crafted from locally sourced organic wheat grain in country NSW and pure fresh water from national catchments, our vodka boasts a satisfyingly smooth taste, perfect for effortless enjoyment and seamless mixing with your favorite beverages.

Best enjoyed one sip at a time.


Craft & Create

The crowd pleasers, and our personal favourites. Designed to be enjoyed wherever, whenever alongside great company.


Click below to explore our cocktails!


Organic grown Aussie wheat grain, from country NSW

Pure Australian water from natural catchments

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Australian Premium Vodka. 

Sipping our exceptionally smooth Vodka will take you to the amazing place that is Australia! 

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